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VV.F. Catanzaro

3D modeling
visulization of exterior
environment modeling

To create the renderings of the fire station, our design team worked in close collaboration with studio Settanta7 to fully understand their needs and project requirements. We paid particular attention to detail, aiming to create a realistic and captivating visual representation of the future barracks.

One of the main challenges was the choice of surrounding vegetation. We wanted to create a natural environment that integrates harmoniously with the building, while providing a sense of beauty and functionality. Through extensive research and careful evaluation of local plant species, we were able to select plants and trees that satisfied both aesthetic and practical aspects.

Throughout the process, we maintained an ongoing relationship with the client, discussing progress, gathering feedback and making any necessary changes. This continuous exchange of information allowed us to adapt the renderings to the client’s expectations and preferences, guaranteeing a satisfactory final result.

In parallel with the creation of the renderings, we also worked on the creation of a complete master plan for the entire area surrounding the fire station. This involved access planning, parking layout, the design of green spaces and the definition of functional areas within the complex. The masterplan allowed us to have an overall vision of the project, contributing to an efficient organization of the spaces and better integration with the surrounding environment.

The project was the winner of the competition in which the Settanta7 studio took part.