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Via Roma – Showroom

Art direction
concept design
visualization of interior
furniture selection

Recreating the experience within a showroom carefully studied and represented in a realistic and detailed manner was the objective of the work carried out for the leasing of the Reale Immobili properties located in via Roma in Turin.
We started from the plans and photos of the construction site and then reproduced the architectural appearance through 3D modeling. Subsequently, to immerse potential customers within the spaces, we decided to adapt the bare environment to a fashion store, using bright materials and colours, choosing original furnishings and finishes. A risky but winning choice to create a contrast between the style of the showroom and that of the street in which the restaurant is located.
The series of renderings that we have created allows us to discover and visualize the atmosphere and experience that the user could live within the spaces, in order to encourage tenants or buyers to recreate an interesting environment within the high-performance premises. potential of Reale Immobili.