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Trend’s project takes shape in a 90s mood. The venue itself is a cocktail bar, located in the heart of Turin, Piazza Vittorio. Our intervention aims to mix graphic elements with a strong visual impact, which retrace the entire room, adapting to every surface. The collaboration with local artisans has given life to shapes and textures that represent our focus on the 90s. Attention is given to the walls, which at first glance seem to be covered in wallpaper, but which are instead entirely decorated by hand, as well as the wooden floor of the entrance hall, where a resin intervention was carried out which easily conformed it to the space. The visual balance is not disturbed by too many elements since our choice was not to fall back into a typical 90s icon. The atmosphere was enriched by reflections of mirrors and neon, which integrate with the furnishing elements already present. To complete the project we find the light point in the entrance hall which composes a ceiling design, which takes up the shapes and shades of the space, becoming the protagonist of color reflections.