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Sasso Marconi

3D modeling
visulization of interior and exterior
environment modeling

The renderings of Sasso Marconi school aim to give vitality to the original and careful architectural project of Studio Settanta7 for participation in the competition aimed at building the school.

The work was carried out in synergy with the architects in order to best highlight the functionality of the spaces, the layout of the rooms and their interconnection. Suffice it to note how the choice of the open-air theater that we inserted in the external view immediately gives the environment that originality conceived by Studio Settanta7 during the design. It is versatility that multiplies spaces in the multitude of their uses. And not only that: the importance of the lighting system of the architectural project was included in our renderings so that it was visually shown how lighting is not only an element of decoration, but also of personalization of spaces. The evocative atmosphere, the creation of welcoming and wide-ranging environments and the beauty of the finishes are also and above all enhanced by the light.

Thanks to the precision of the 3D modeling, the attention to the most functional shots and the collaboration with the clients, we managed to convey the essence of the Sasso Marconi project by Studio Settanta7 through our images.