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Palazzo Contemporaneo

3D modeling
visulization of exterior
photo matching
environment modeling

Key words for the study and work carried out on Fabio Fantolino’s project are lighting and vegetation.

To create detailed and realistic renderings of Palazzo Contemporaneo we worked closely with Fabio Fantolino’s design team, analyzing the result of the shooting on the site where the building will be built and extrapolating from the shots all aspects of the natural lighting present. We focused on identifying key points of light and shadow and used advanced software to adapt our 3D model to the same parameters.

The distinctive element of the building, immediately visible, is the material facade in earth tones interspersed with large tanks for vegetation present on each floor. The inclusion of plants was anything but trivial: we conducted a specific study to select the species that would best adapt to the environment and that could survive and thrive in the area, thus allowing Palazzo Contemporaneo to have realistic green areas .

Lighting and vegetation were then united even more in the creation of the night version. The facade, embellished with strategic lights to highlight the green areas, was the focus of a complex and successful work.