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Monolite 1.4.9

3D modeling
art direction
concept design
ambient moodboard
set design
product visualization

The challenge we faced for Dynamo Energies involved the creation of promotional renderings of Monolite 1.4.9, in order to show how this new photovoltaic system integrates perfectly into different settings, from natural contexts to domestic spaces. Acquiring in-depth knowledge of the product and its functions was fundamental in creating renderings that could emphasize its advantages and embody the customer’s values: on the one hand the ability to generate solar energy efficiently and sustainably, on the other its elegant and discreet design. It is precisely on this last aspect that we have focused, in constant dialogue with Dynamo Energies, inserting the Monolith 1.4.9 both in a more natural and wild environment and in a domestic context, such as a private garden. Feedback, revisions and working in synergy with the client were the key to the success of the renderings of this promotional campaign.