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Amer 110

3D modeling
visualization of interior
product visualization
custom forniture

Recreating the unique atmosphere of the lounge and owner’s cabin of the new Amer 110 yacht, designed by the Amer Yachts shipyard under the artistic direction of architect Stefano Tini, required a detailed and careful process. The accurate 3D modeling of the yacht and the choice of the warm lighting of the sunset succeeded allowed to highlight all those details that make the Amer 110 yacht a jewel of elegance and refinement: from the wooden surfaces to the luxury finishes, from the welcoming atmosphere to the furniture that denotes maximum comfort. The constant collaboration with the customer and the obsessive attention to detail have ensured that we were able to capture the beauty and charm of Amer 110 within our images, offering the customer a realistic and engaging vision of the spaces she will inhabit.